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About Us

Owner & Operator

Ryan Goemann, Owner and Operator of Accurate Time Grandfather Clock Repair in Fort Myers, relocated to Southwest Florida after 20 years repairing and restoring grandfather clocks and antique clocks in the family business, Windsor Clock and Watch Company in Des Moines, Iowa. The Goemann Family has been in the clock repair business for three generations.

A bit more history . . .

I grew up in Minnesota and Des Moines, Iowa. After graduating high school and attending college, I spent several years in the sales industry. In 1997, I joined my father Ron and brother Jeff in the the family clock repair business, Windsor Clock and Watch Company. I worked there until my father retired and moved to Fort Myers, Florida. It was then I decided to join my father Ron in 2016.

Our family has been in the clock and watch repair business for three generations. My maternal grandfather, Roger Drake, went to watchmaking school in Kansas City in 1946 after serving in WW II. He was a medic in the war and received two Purple Hearts and many other medals. He enjoyed fixing clocks and watches and was a licensed Master Clock and Watchmaker. In 1950, he started his own Jewelry Store where he repaired clocks and watches until his retirement in 1975.

Although we no long repair watches, we are continuing on the family legacy of grandfather clock repairs and antique clock repairs,

Antique Clock Repair & Restoration

My father Ron started working with my grandfather and earned an apprenticeship in 1974, becoming a licensed Master Clock and Watchmaker. In 1987, my father and mother purchased a small jewelry store in Des Moines, Iowa, Hay Jewelry, and by 1995 business had grown to a point that expansion to a much larger store was necessary. The name was then changed to Windsor Clock and Watch Company where we specialized in clock repair, watch repair and sales of clocks and watches. When my parents retired in 2014, Windsor Clock was the largest clock and watch business in Iowa and still is. It can be viewed at

Repairing all makes and models of clocks and serving Southwest Florida as my new and permanent home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ryan Goemann